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Some of you may not have done this before. For others, this is the fifth time we’ve gathered outside.

To help everyone make the most of this magic day, we’ve laid down the essentials and offered some savvy advice for the newly initiated tribe.

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  • Outside Guide


We don't sell them at the gate. Purchase online now.

October 7th, 2017 | 110 Fabian Road, Cornubia | Gates Open 10am | Music Ends Midnight

We’re a one-day, outdoor music festival that’s built on good vibes, good music, and a unique atmosphere set in Brisbane’s beautiful south-east. We offer everything you expect from an outdoor festival while trying to maintain that backyard gig vibe. Bring your esky, bring your camping gear, and bring your dancing shoes—we’ll take care of the rest.

Now in its fifth year, Outside Tribe has always been an event built by passionate people and funded by the tribe. The artists are hand-picked from the local music scene, the festival grounds are constructed and maintained by volunteers, and the atmosphere is crafted with care.

Playing Times
The Essential

A list of items you MUST have with you.

Printed tickets or ID for entry.
Sun protection – it’s going to be a hot one!
Closed-in shoes and/or gumboots.
Cash – for food trucks, markets, raffles and buskers.
Water bottle – there is water provided on site.
A positive attitude.
Once in, keep your wristbands on – treat them like money.

The Savvy

This is best-practise Outside Tribin’.

Tent or Swag.
Bedding – including a mattress, blankets, pillows, etc.
Clothes for warm AND cool weather.
Camp chair, inflatable couch or picnic rug.
Bug repellent.
Ponchos – have these handy in case it rains.
Drinks – BYO, there is no bar on site.
Snacks – in case the food trucks aren’t satisfying your dietary needs.
Esky to keep your snacks and drinks cool.


Kids under 16 are free!

If you (like us) are bringing your kidlets along to enjoy the fun, we know the wallet takes a hit when there’s a cost-per-head involved. Our events remain free for children and we aim to make sure they’re not bored!

If you’re bringing your mini-tribe, be mindful of noise exposure for you and your kidlets. Try not to get too close to the stage with your bubs and take regular breaks from the noise so they can recover. We strongly recommend children’s ear-muffs to ensure their safety.

We’ll throw them a Pizza Party.

To allow parents the opportunity to enjoy their own meals, we feed the rugrats with their combined weight in pizza. We’ve found that filling their bellies with greasy, cheesy goodness before you eat provides a positive affect on their attitude while you chow down. If your kids are not so inclined to enjoy some pizza, feel free to bring your own meals more suitable to their needs.

Forget About It

These are the non-negotiables…

Glass – crush cans with us instead.
Pets / Animals – no dogs allowed, sorry.
Illegal drugs.
Laser lights.
Aggressive behaviour.

Our generous farm hosts have their home smack-bang in the middle of Outside Tribe Music and Arts Festival. Be a darling, stay away from the house. Anyone caught there will be evicted without question.

Outside Tribe Music and Arts Festival


Like most camping locations, it is first-in-best-dressed. We’ll open the gates at 10am for you to come and set up your gear nice and early. As the day goes on, campers will be allocated where they can fit. We will have a number of toilets and water available at the venue, but please note that there are NO SHOWERS on-site.

Car Parking

As we have limited space on-site, we unfortunately cannot allow everyone to park their cars next to their tents. Our lovely volunteers will assist with offering guidance to help you nab the most ideal camping spots and park your car. Camp trailers and camper vans will be guided to allocated zones.

Please note: after sunset, no vehicles are to be driven anywhere on site. This is for the safety of all attendees, organisers and vendors.


Respect the land. We have bins on site for waste and would appreciate that you collect your own trash and take it with you. Please keep your camp sites tidy. Respect our neighbours. They’re a kind bunch that will put up with a lot of our noise. Respect each other. Our No Dickhead Policy stands firm.

We know you’re a good lot. Look after each other and everyone will have a splashy weekend.