A better festival experience happens by design, not by chance.

We have purposefully created a volunteer-led, music and arts experience around some simple, core values. It’s accessible to all ages in a safe, family-friendly environment. We curate local artists with care, like your best-friend would make you a mixtape. Sponsors are turned away and we expect you to treat dickheads with the same attitude.

We know our values, we know our people. We’re independent with bared teeth.

Our Values

Originally, it started as a blazing party for a bunch of close mates and fam-bam. We called it Hobbstock. At the time, we gave crowdfunding a go to put on better shows, without the need for commercial sponsorship. It worked. A few times, even.

While that approach helped us build momentum, we discovered the true value of our tribe. Your word-of-mouth, volunteering, hard yakka and contributions are what makes our world go ‘round. Last year, we built a unique format for funding the event. It’s a simple membership model that puts your contributions directly in the hands of talented, independent artists and rewards you with better events. We call it tribe funding.

Every year we improve our festival and strengthen our tribe. It is our goal to grow organically, forge new ground and reward our tribe for their ongoing support. We’ve embarked on this adventure together and we’re stoked to have you along for the ride.

Jess & Taylor.