How much is camping?

Camping is FREE. All costs associated with camping are packaged inside your ticket price. We all fly first-class, together.

We’ll open the gates at 10am for you to come and set up your gear nice and early. As the day goes on, campers will be allocated where they can fit – so if you want a nice flat spot amongst the shade, get in early.

We will have a number of toilets and water available at the venue, but please be aware there are NO SHOWERS on-site.

Is it kid-friendly?

We’ve created a safe festival experience that welcomes all ages. There’s a number of activities for the munchkins to get amongst. Best of all, kids under 16 are FREE.

What is this 'no dickhead' policy?

We have deliberately taken a natural, word-of-mouth approach to our growth to ensure everyone feels safe and enjoys their time at our festivals. We’ve crafted an atmosphere that feels like you know everyone around you, so it is vital that we all play a part to protect it.

Our No Dickhead Policy sets a crucial behavioural standard. It’s simple. Harassment, violence or aggressive behaviour is not tolerated. If you make someone else feel unsafe, you’re out. Savvy?

Can I park next to my tent?

When you arrive, our friendly organisers and volunteers will be there to welcome you and help you find a spot to camp. As we have limited space on-site, we unfortunately cannot allow everyone to park their cars next to their tents.

Cars will be directed to park in designated parking zones. Camper-trailers and camper-vans will be guided to allocated zones. Once you’ve been directed to your camp site, please set up and leave your vehicle in that spot until the event closes the following day.

Please note: after sunset, no vehicles are to be driven anywhere on site. This is for the safety of all attendees, organisers and vendors.

What food and drink is available?

Each year we curate a number of food trucks to delight your senses. EFTPOS and cash are the norm. We aim to cover general dietary requirements, however if you have specific needs then we highly recommend bringing your own grub. Sometimes you can’t beat a good cook-up at the campsite.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We’re stoked that you may be interested in helping us run our humble festival. We rely on our volunteers to assist with setting up, wristband handouts, packing down and general waste management. Wanna apply? Click here to fill out our Volunteer Application Form.


How does membership work?

Upon becoming an Outside Tribe member, $14 is deposited from your credit card into your Outside Tribe account funds every month. You can then spend those account funds on event tickets, merchandise, etc. Best of all, members receive significant discounts on all tickets and merchandise, making it worth your while.

Where does my money go?

As a member, you have account funds. It’s like a digital wallet that money is transferred to each month. Your account funds are listed in the My Account page. Not sure what to spend your funds on? Let them save until our next festival.

What if I don't have enough account funds?

No worries! You can pay the difference with a credit card when you checkout. Only the amount required to cover the gap will be charged to your credit card and all account funds removed from your account.

What if I want to cancel my account?

If you decide to cancel your membership, we’ll refund your account funds back to you. You can access all of your orders, tickets and membership information on the My Account page.

I'm having trouble signing up.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? 😉

We know our website is not perfect. Like all technology, sometimes there is a glitch in the matrix. Shoot us an message and we’ll give you a helping hand. <a href=”#” class=”popmake-contact-us” >Get in Touch</a>